Mac OS

* We are currently focused on enhancing Android and iOS versions of TouchDown, so while we temporarily discontinue the Mac OS version, feel free to try the regular version of TouchDown for iOS, which gives you Outlook access on your iPhone or iPad. Stay tuned on our blog for when we will republish


Why TouchDown

TouchDown® for Mac is the very first ActiveSync enabled desktop client for the Mac OS/X platform. It provides Mac Users with push email against ActiveSync enabled servers.

TouchDown for Mac enables you to do a very large percent of activities you could traditionally perform with Outlook for Mac, with the added benefit of PUSH email. When you use TouchDown for Mac in Activesync mode, it maintains a persistent connection to the server without the need to perform periodic polling to check for emails. The result is faster updates to your Mac, emails and other changes arriving on the Mac almost instantaneously if your Mac is connected to the network.

In the interest of productivity, TouchDown interprets the Device Password Timeout in such a way as not to interfere with normal operation of the product, but still provide a high level of security for your corporate data.
Typical Mac based email clients store their data in files that can be freely inspected and accessed by malware applications, or even accessible through mounted drives when you use dual-boot technologies like BootCamp. (Simply open Finder, navigate to ~/Library/Mail/V2 to see what this means).
While the database files can be copied, TouchDown makes sure that the actual data contained in them are encrypted and hence not easily extractable. In addition, TouchDown honors policies set by the administrator to limit the amount and history of email data stored on the device.



TouchDown for Mac is available for iPhones, iPads and iPods, and supports the following:


Honors applicable security policies*

*when connecting with ActiveSync

Maintains a persistent connection
AES-256 Encryption
PIN enforcement


PUSH email!
Need we say more?


Manage Contacts
Manage your exchange contacts
Create new contacts
set photo on contacts
tag/categorize contacts
Edit and delete contacts
Look up contacts in the GAL on Exchange.


View your calendar using Day/Week/Month views
Create, edit and delete appointments
Send calendar invites
Accept/delete meeting invites
Categorize calendar events
Look up Free/Busy information for others in your company.


View your Tasks
Edit and delete Tasks
Categorize Task
Filter Tasks by category, completion status, importance


If your server supports syncing of Notes
you will be able to sync notes to your Mac,
with support for categorization, and the
ability to add/edit/delete notes..